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The Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria “4th April”


is a part of the Big European Family – EFPSA!


EFPSA, the European Federation of Psychology Student’ Associations, is a network of European psychology students’ associations, run on a voluntary basis by and for psychology students of Europe. It was originally established in 1987 during the first International Congress of Psychology Students which took place in Portugal. It now consists of 25 Psychology Students' Organisations of 25 European countries. Stimulated by its mission, vision and values EFPSA attracts more and more students each year, with the number of its members increasing and so far represents approximately 250 000 Psychology Students across Europe. The highlight of every year is the annual EFPSA Congress. This event fascinates and attracts about 200 psychology students from all over Europe.

EFPSA's mission is to represent the needs and interests of the European psychology students, to promote the scientific cooperation and cultural exchange between them and enhance their mobility. Its aim is to be a reliable and widely acknowledged representative of the European Psychology Students, including students themselves, psychologists, institutions, and professional organizations of national and European level.
The Federation consists of three bodies. The General Assembly which is the legislative power and it is composed of National Representatives, the Executive Board which takes care of all the necessary tasks in order to keep EFPSA functioning and developing and finally the Board of Management which is established within the Executive Board and handles strategic tasks, long term planning and the monitoring of the ongoing tasks within the Federation.

EFPSA encourages Students to expand their work and has 4 Services to offer: Study Abroad service, Research Network, Activities Office and Travel Network. Each Service covers different yet complementing aspects. EFPSA services intend to unite all psychology students over Europe while providing exclusive information and experiences. ‘
‘It’s all about mobility, sharing knowledge and making new friends’’.


Only as a member of AYPB “4th April” you can participate in the EFPSA’s activities. Since AYPB is a part of the Big European Family (2007) our members have taken part in a few International Congresses: in Finland – 2007; Lithuania – 2008; in Germany – 2009; in the Netherlands 2010; and the next one will be in Poland 2011.


If you are a psychology student and you are still not a part of AYPB "4th April" and EFPSA, don’t waste your time! Hurry up! Come and register and have fun with your new psychology friends.


As a part of the European dimension, AYPB is also our active working on international projects, financed by the European Union. We have already organized two successful international exchanges with partners form the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.


AYPB "4th April" has excellent contacts with various organizations all over Europe.



Research Network – Step into the professional world!


This service encourages students to develop quality research and offers new means of collaboration in the field of research in Psychology.
How to do it?


JEPS  (Journal of European Psychology Students)


Are you interested in academic psychology? Do you want to share your ideas and research with peers throughout Europe? EFPSA has something that may be just for you!


The Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS) is an online journal, which is peer-reviewed the European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA). JEPS provides the unique opportunity for students to publish their work in an international scientific journal, alongside gaining unique experience in academic publishing and scientific writing. Publishing an article as a student provides great advantages for any scientific career.


Therefore, JEPS invites psychology students to submit their research articles and literature reviews from all respective fields of psychology.

The manuscripts should be submitted electronically using the journal’s submission portal at

, where all submission guidelines and information regarding the format and structure of the papers can also be found. Submitted manuscripts must not have been previously published and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. After being evaluated by associated editors of the respective field of psychology, the submitted manuscript is then reviewed by reputable scholars. From there, they will make a decision to either accept/reject the manuscript or resend it for further revision. 


JEPS believes in the open access approach of quality information and carefully picks research articles to publish. If your work gets chosen, however, you will get immediate feedback, reviews and recommendations from experts all around the world. Your article would be introduced to thousands of peers around Europe and this way you will make a name for yourself even before finishing your studies.

Please feel free to contact us at journal@efpsa.org

with any inquiries.


The 2nd EFPSA Train the Trainers Summer School (7th-14th August, Czech Republic). Registration form can be found here:



The participants in EFPSA Train the Trainers Summer School will get the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to become trainers in order to develop themselves and others, and build strong interpersonal relationships in an international learning environment. The seminar is going to be a demanding, but also highly rewarding experience.


Take that chance and apply now!

Deadline for submitting the application - 31 May