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The main activities of the AYPB "4th April" are planed and organized by so called Work Groups. Each one of them has a coordinator, who distributes the activities to the people in the team. The coordinators also observe the accomplishment of the activities in the team and communicate them to the Board of Managers.


Our Work groups are:

1. International activities
- Giving information about international events, projects and possibilities for education abroad
- Searches and cooperates with partners all over Europe and the World for international projects and exchanges
- Partnership with EFPSA
- Giving information about the activities of EFPSA
- Promotion of EFPSA and acquaintance with its main services, used by the psychology students all over Europe 
- You name it………It is up to!

Coordinator: Evgeniya Lazarova

2. PR and advertisement
- Presenting and promoting the AYPB “4th April” to young people at universities, schools in Bulgaria, etc.
- Motivating our members to take part in our activities
- You name it………It is up to!

Coordinator: Daniel Djinsov

3. Scientific and publishing activities
- Publishing the periodic online newsletter of the AYPB “4th April”
- Re-establishing the tradition of awarding the most prosperous psychology student
- Organising the First National Student Conference of the young psychologists in Bulgaria (2011)
- You name it………It is up to!

Coordinator: Dimitur Bozhilov

4. Projects
- Looking for information about current projects, funds and youth programmes, in which the AYPB "4th April" can participate
- Writing and managing projects
- You name it………It is up to!

Coordinator: Ralitsa Simonska

5. Web Team
- Administering the website of the AYPB "4 April" (looking for information, news, keeping the Gallery and the Forum, etc)
- Advertising the website
- Maintenance of the e-mail accounts of the AYPB "4 April"
- You name it………It is up to!

Coordinator: Ina Karova

6. Training Center
- Organisation of various traning courses and trainings
- Looking for lecturers and trainers
- Trainings of the trainers
- You name it………It is up to!

Coordinator: Petur Petrov

7. Open Groups. Here you can store your ideas. If you have them - then, send them to us; and if we like them, we'll make you Coordinator of the Groups. Write us at

It is possible for you to be included in more than one group if you bleieve you'll manage it. Think about it before subscribing to more than one of them. We'd like them to work!

If you would like to subscribe to a group: